Eczema Causes and Types :

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The Exact cause of Eczema is largely unkown.

Most Doctors agree that it is a skin condition which is a malfunction of the immune system. The causes for that can be Genetic means it runs in the family or Environmental such as temperature changes, changes in food , diet, Hormonal in which case the body’s balance has been compromised such as due to stress, pregnancy etc.

  1.  Atopic dermatitis.- this is the most common type and is characterize by dry red skin with intense itching . It can be a rash on the cheeks, arms, or  legs and skin is inflamed and itchy the itch can be intense enough to make the skin bleed when scratched. Can also be weeping skin eczema .

  1. Contact dermatitis. Is when the body comes into contact with an allergen which means anything that flares up your immune system to react negatively like detergents, solutions, paints, cosmetics, soaps etc – its main symptom’s being redness of skin, burning, swelling , blisters.

  1. Dyshidrotic eczema.- usually occurring more commonly in women it is found on the itchy blisters on the edges of the fingers, toes, palms, and soles of the feet. Stress, allergies (such as hay fever), moist hands and feet, the most common symptoms are weeping, intense itching and flaking of skin with pain.

  1. Hand dermatits-  is the result of both internal and external factors including genetics and contact with allergens or irritating substances like chemicals. The main symptoms are redness of skin, itching , pain in the hands, cracks and blisteres.

  1. Neurodermatitis/Lichen simplex chronicus. - skin gets thick, discolored and scaly patches due to  scratching of the area. Thick, scaly patches on the nape of the neck, scalp, shoulders, on the bottoms of feet, on ankles, wrists and the backs of the hands its characterized by itching , discolored skin that can break and bleeds easily.

  1. Nummular eczema. is different and difficult to treat. Symptoms are  round popular blisters on skin, which may be very itchy -Round, coin-shaped spots , Wet, open sores

  1. Seborrheic dermatitis. appears on the scalp, on other oily areas of their body, such as the face, upper chest and back. It results in redness , greasy swollen skin, crusty flakes like dandruff.

  1. Stasis dermatitis. there is a problem with blood flow in the veins and pressure develops (usually in the lower legs). This pressure can cause fluid to leak out of the veins and into the skin, resulting in Swelling around the ankles, redness, scaling, itching and pain, the feet might be oozing clear liquid and skin peeling of .

  • Homeopathic remedies have no Side Effects and are totally free of chemicals and Steroids. 

  • Homeopathy will treat Eczema from the root cause .

  • Homeopathic remedies are used to bring balance to the Hormonal systems.

  • Eczema often looked at as a External Disease is actually a Internal imbalance and needs to be treated internally.

  • Homeopathic remedies are all customized and provided as part of the treatment.

  • Organic and totally non toxic highly effective skin lotions are provided to heal the irritated skin as part of the regimen.

  • Food and nutrition advise is provided.

  • Supplements to detox the body and advice or hypo allergenic make up and detergents is provided.

  • Anxiety and stress relief and management counseling and remedies are provided .

  • This 5 prong approach is totally natural safe for all ages and extremely effective.

What you need to Know About Eczema

Some basic dos and don’t if you are experiencing eczema flare ups 

  • Avoid extreme weather- winter usually will be a time when most eczema will cause to flare up.

  • Avoid extreme heat – keep the skin calm showering with very hot water or walking around in hot humid weather .

  • Make sure that the surrounding areas is dust and dander free.

  • Double check your wardrobe – see if there are any wool blends or synthetic blends that are causing irritation to your skin and remove them.

  • Use a hypoallergenic laundry detergent and bleach agent.

  • Stress – is one of the biggest triggers and needs to be managed correctly on a everyday basis.

  • Food – be mindful of any foods that might be causing a allergic reaction like nuts, shell fish or alcohol.

  • Cosmetics – make sure that the makeup being used is not expired or of a doubtful brand name that might react negatively with you skin.

  • Smoking is definite causative factor and effects the skin and lungs negatively.

  • Establish a good skin exfoliating routine to get id of the extra dry or flaky skin.

  • Get a nourishing lotion and apply regularly keep well moisturized.

  • Epsom salt baths are highly recommended and very good anti bacterial properties.

  • Most treatments applied topically can ineffective steroids only suppress the condition and do not provide long term cure or relief simply because it is being treated as a external skin condition. No thought is given to the internal imbalance.

  • Homeopathic remedies are wonderful for management of severe eczema, helping restore the hormonal balance, reducing anxiety and stress and narrowing down the triggers and variables of the external allergens and irritants. Homeopathic treatment of eczema is really targeting the causative factors, identifying the Eczema triggers and eliminating them.

  • Eczema is not contagious: It cannot be passed on from one person to the other simply by coming in contact with it.

  • Eczema runs in families: Yes it is passed down genetically.

  • Eczema is a skin condition: but not a skin disease:

  • Eczema can be treated :No matter what the cause ultimately Eczema of most is treatable and can be managed successfully.

  • Do not suffer from unsightly skin, intense itching and pain and embarrassment of dealing with a persistently annoying condition, relief is within reach, get the help you deserve .