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How Homeopath Sheena's approach is unique and will work for you :


Step One: YourHomeopathy.com offers Contemporary Homeopathy

The first step in achieving optimal health is to strengthen the immune system and balance the body’s overall operating functions. This is achieved by addressing the patients most pressing concerns urgently which will lead to a trust and wellness without delay.


Step Two: YourHomeopathy.com offers Nutrition and Diet advice

We are what we eat, which has a profound impact on our bodies. Our foods can either boost or harm our immune systems and overall health. Homeopath Sheena teaches her patients that the healthiest people eat the most nutrient-dense foods. Advise on what to eat and which to avoid—tailored to each patient’s optimum health and wellness.


Step Three: YourHomeopathy.com offers Classical Homeopathy

Third Step is in this journey to uncover the very basis of the disease brought about by the imbalance, discover together the mind, body connection and restore the balance with a Constitutional Remedy.


Step Four: YourHomeopathy.com offers Supplement guidance

Many people seek better health by taking a variety of nutritional supplements—vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. But how can you tell which supplements are best for your individual body, health profile and conditions? Homeopath Sheena will review and advise best time and most suitable supplements for each individual.


Step Five: YourHomeopathy.com offers Counseling and Support 24/7

Homeopath Sheena is highly intuitive and compassionate and has the innate ability to be able to empathize with her patients understand their individual needs and comfort their concerns. A little care and a sympathetic shoulder can be a source of great comfort and unlock many emotional and psychological blockage which helps in the healing journey.



Doctor of Homeopathy 07095, Homeopath near me 07095, Homeopathic doctor near me 08820
Specializing in :
Autoimmune Disorder