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Homeopathy and autism specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD NJ/NYC


The Homeopathic remedies for Autism have yielded great hope and success and gone on to make leaps of improvement.

Homeopathic treatment for Autism has been gaining momentum and there are many reasons for that -

Firstly Homeopathy treats each child and person as a unique individual so the treatment is not generic, it is customized to the specific person.

Secondly Homeopathic remedies are completely safe organic and natural, unlike most other chemical-based prescriptions which can be used to suppress behaviors however they come with their own set of side effects.

Thirdly Homeopath treats the whole person - therapy and counseling is part of the treatment.

Fourthly Homeopathy addresses all the needs of the person not just the physical, but the emotional and mental ones as well which no other form of science does all in one. The benefits of Homeopathy cannot be emphasized enough not just for the patient but to the whole family.

Fifthly Homeopathy address even the Genetic and conceptual problems and deals with them at a neurological level.

Each case is different, and the strides made per case do vary for that reason, however with such intense therapy and complete devotion the rate may vary but success is experienced by all those who commit to it.

ASDs – or autism spectrum disorders are more common and growing at a rapid rate .

A recent report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that up to one in a hundred American children now have ASD.1 In past decades, the estimates had been four or five children per 10,000 . Figures from Great Britain show a similar increase. 2

There is no causative factor that has been so far established but environmental pollution, chemical pollution and bacterial infections are all probably contributing to it .

Autism is a general term used to refer to anyone suffering from neurological problems that effects their general developmental patterns and affects their social behavior. Most common signs of Early Autism are – lack of interaction, lack of speech, lack of eye contact, lack of comprehension, repetition of words or sentences, repetition of non-verbal behaviors, unwillingness to engage in age appropriate social interactions with peers. Extreme emotional outbursts, high volatility of emotions such as anger, out of context laughter, bouts of tantrums and tears. Being stuck in repetitive motions. The mental and emotional signatures are normally also accompanied with physical problems such as skin issues, or gastrointestinal disorders and allergies etc. due to dealing with such overwhelming problems. They frequently experience anxiety, confusion, and frustration.

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Personality traits of Autistic types, Homeopathic treatment for Autism

Today even though the awareness has grown and most children with Autism are being detected earlier and are put in Early intervention and Behavioral therapies, yet these therapies are unable to address the neurological and emotional part of the problem, which remains for the most part a mystery and a sense of helplessness and frustration for all involved. Autism is considered by health authorities to be a lifelong disability of unknown aetiology and with no cure. So the therapist and parents of these early diagnosed children are left fighting a losing battle.

Other therapies can do more harm than good without even realizing it. Occupational therapy requires the children to reassert certain social behaviors that are required for them to be acceptable in mainstream schools. However, the Autistic children will be performing these tasks or behaviors under duress …further aggravating the anxieties and increasing their ailments.

To regain the lost balance and connect all the neurological transmitters to make a balanced and socially functional and self-reliant individual is not an easy task, it takes time, patience, understanding and a combination of a few different approaches to make this happen, it is certainly not an overnight process. Even with Homeopathy as much as it has potential to achieve there is a combination of different approaches and therapies required to achieve optimum results.

A good Homeopath will approach each child as unique, assess the sensitivity and behavioral issues, along with physical concomitants and treat with great care and consideration the mental and psychological developments. There is always a limited chance of some aggravations which will only be temporary n nature and can be easily reversed and managed. The only way to achieve success is to be patient and stay committed and positive. Homeopathic success stories are amazing, uplifting and the results that can be achieved with absolutely no side effects are humbling to behold.

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