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Obesity is a disorder resulting from excessive body fat, which increases the risk of other health problems. It occurs when an individual's body mass index is over 30, and is usually self diagnosable. Genetics, physical inactivity, overeating, certain medications, and diseases can lead to obesity. 



Obesity can be treated by behavioral therapies, diet plans, physical exercise, and procedures like bariatric surgery. Side effects of surgical procedures can include acid reflux, infection, stomach obstruction, and dialation of the esophagus. 




Homeopathic remedies paired with an exercise and meal plan can greatly facilitate healthy weight loss. It eliminates the need for surgery, and can provide weightloss help for anyone.

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BMI Calculator

Body mass index is a value derived from the height and weight of a person that determines body fat. A healthy BMI would be between 18.5 and 24.9

BMI Calculator|Your Homeopathy
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