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Now Offering Tuning Fork Therapy


  • 128Hz Frequency Tuning Fork with Weights

  • Made of aluminum alloy and designed to meet medical requirements,

  • The frequency of this tuning fork is designed for use with vibration and bone fracture tests

  • Weighted in order to assure correct frequency.

Advantages of Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning and weighted Fork Therapy Unique Natural Holistic Rejuvenating-

  • Weighted forks and sound therapy combination is unique to Your Homeopathy combining the tuning fork sound therapy with the weighted forks allow for a deeper release and resounding experience.

  • Sound therapy allows for stress release and weighted forms is vibrational therapy is meant to promote healing from deep tissue regeneration.

  • Tuning fork and weighted forks use, and combination therapy promotes hair growth skin pigmentation and muscle relaxing.

  • Tuning fork therapy is totally safe and has no side effects.

  • Fork therapy can be used in conjunction with homeopathy and other therapeutic modalities to help with conditions like alopecia, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel, chronic fatigue, migraines etc. 

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