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Autoimmune disease is a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. In simple terms when your own immune system instead of guarding your body against foreign bacteria starts to attack your own body and is not able to stop. Some autoimmune disorders are localized which means that there is only a single organ or area affected like eczema, in some all the body is effected like lupus.

True cause of this immune system reversing on our own body is so far unknown, yet certain patterns have been identified like women are more likely to suffer than men. Some are genetically passed down and even if it skips a generation the next one will carry that gene. Certainly the environment and external toxins have a lot to do with it which is why we see a rise in the various kinds of autoimmune disorders. Poor diet and more processed foods also play a special role in contributing to this rising epidemic. And of course with the usage of more chemicals and vaccines and antiseptics whose long term side effects we can only guesstimate .

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the organs effected by autoimmun diseases, symptoms of autoimmune diseases that can be managed with Homeopathic treatment and lifestyle changes in orde to attain the natural balance,
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Some of the most common autoimmune disorders are –

Digestive disorders such as

Ulcerative colitis where the colon is effected.

Crohn’s disease where the GI tract is effected.

Diverticulitis –

IBD – iirtable bowel syndrome



Allergies –

Seasonal allergies to pollen .

Food allergies - Celiac disease – dietary allergy to gluten, wheat and nuts .


Skin problems like eczema or atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, vitiligo, scleroderma,


Chronic pains - Rheumatoid arthritis effecting the joints.

Sciatica effecting the sciatic nerve .

Neuralgia – where a certain side of the body is effected.


Hormonal problems – like graves disease and hashimoto’s thyroiditis where the thyroid gland is effected.


Other autoimmune diseases like -

Type 1 diabetes -

Multiple sclerosis- damages the myelin sheath affects the transmission of messages between your brain and body, causing numbness, weakness, balance issues, and trouble walking.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus) –Joint pain, fatigue, and rashes are among the most common symptoms, this is a silent killer hard to diagnose and impossible to treat having multiple symptoms that change frequently.

Addison’s disease affects the adrenal glands, which produce weakness, fatigue, weight loss, and low blood sugar.

Sjögren’s syndrome -This condition attacks the joints, as well as glands that provide lubrication to the eyes and mouth resulting in joint pain, dry eyes, and dry mouth.

Myasthenia gravis- affects nerves that control the muscles resulting in loss of muscle control specially the facial muscles.

Vasculitis -Vasculitis happens when the immune system attacks blood vessels. The inflammation that results narrows the arteries and veins, allowing less blood to flow through them.

5 most common autoimmune disorders that can be managd with proper Homeopathic treament. Yourhomeopathy Specializing in maagement of chronic autoimmune diseases 07095

Autoimmune disease symptoms

The early symptoms of many autoimmune diseases are very similar, such as:

  • fatigue

  • achy muscles

  • swelling and redness

  • low-grade fever

  • trouble concentrating

  • numbness and tingling in the hands and feet

  • hair loss

  • skin rashes

Treatments can’t cure autoimmune diseases, but they can control the overactive immune response and bring down inflammation. Drugs used to treat these conditions include:

Treatments are also available to relieve symptoms like pain, swelling, fatigue, and skin rashes.

Eating a well-balanced diet and getting regular exercise can also help you feel better.