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Dr. Rita Mall

Dr. Rita Mall FBIH DHOM

Dr. Rita Mall was a beloved homeopath, nutritionist, mother, and grandmother.

Her influence has shaped Sheena's journey and passion for homeopathy; she served as an amazing inspiration and role model.

As a child, Sheena suffered from chronic ear infections, bronchitis, stomach cramps and anemia. Before she was a doctor, Rita Mall took little Sheena from clinic to clinic, seeking relief for her child's afflictions. After years of attempts with military doctors, antibiotics, steroids, and injections, she took her to the homeopath Dr. Chakravarty.

Sheena's recovery and sustained health opened Rita's interest to the field of homeopathy, and after earning her degrees with the British Institute of Homeopathy she went on to open her own private practice in Ohio for over 50 years. Following in her mother's footsteps, Sheena too saw the beauty and practicality of homeopathy and established her own private practice. She was able to learn from Dr. Mall's challenges and abilities, and similarly felt blessed to be able to make a positive difference in the world.

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