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By Dr Joe Rozencwajg

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By World Renowned Dr Isaac Golden
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Why Homeopathy is important to me...

Homeopathy has been a way of life since a very early age for me. 

I suffered from chronic ear infections, Bronchitis, stomach cramps along with being anemic. 


Despite seeing the best military Doctors my health was not improving, to my mother’s credit she never gave up on me. Finally when the antibiotics, steroids and injections were not showing any positive results she took me to Dr Chakravarty a renowned Homeopath. My response and recovery was amazing.


The recovery was so amazing that my mother herself started studying Homeopathy and earned her Diploma and Post Graduate Degree from the British Institute of Homeopathy and a Fellowship at the Institute.

*   Graduated with Honors at the top of my class from the Prestigious              British Institute Homeopathy in 2006- offering the highest level of              Homeopathic training.

*   Certified  Naturopath and member of the International Alliance of                Holistic Therapist. 

*   Certified Weight Loss Health Coach.

*   Certified in Homeopathic Prophylaxis -HP

*   Certified in Organotherapy Drainage and Detox  ODD

*    Member of The Quest For Simillimum Academy