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Why Homeopathy is important to me...

Homeopathy has been a way of life since a very early age for me. I suffered from chronic ear infections, Bronchitis, stomach cramps along with being anemic. 


Despite seeing the best military Doctors my health was not improving, to my mother’s credit she never gave up on me. Finally when the antibiotics, steroids and injections were not showing any positive results she took me to Dr Chakravarty a renowned Homeopath. My response and recovery was amazing.


The recovery was so amazing that my mother herself started studying Homeopathy and earned her Diploma and Post Graduate Degree from the British Institute of Homeopathy and a Fellowship at the Institute.


I Graduated with Honors at the top of my class from the Prestigious British Institute Homeopathy in 2006. The British Institute Homeopathic strive for the highest level of Homeopathic training.

Certified  Naturopath and member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapist. 

Certified Weight Loss Health Coach.


The British Institute of Homeopathy USA
International Alliance of Holistic Therapists
Center of Excellence Online

The British Institute of Homeopathy

 - Diploma of Institue of Homeopathy




International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

 - Naturopathy Nutritionist Diploma




Center of Excellence Online

 - Naturopathy Nutritionist Diploma

A Unique Perspective

Why YourHomeopathy.com is unique...

Contemporary Homeopathy which is Solution based and result Oriented. Have been established in Central New Jersey from the past 12 years 

serving all New Jersey, New York , Connecticut and Philadelphia area. 

Nutritional Guidance and advice is available to help improve overall health. I practice Result oriented practical, based on individual lifestyles and preferances.

My Vision for Yourhomeopathy.com

To create awareness and promote a healthier lifestyle. This is why I became a homeopath and I am now dedicated to practicing the art of homeopathy with the goal of working towards restoring the health of my patients in the shortest time, gentlest, and rapid way.


My faith in homeopathy, a system of medicine that heals and strengthened naturally, safely, internally, externally has motivated me to reach out and share the gift to pay it forward.

My deep passion for achieving optimum health, combined with commitment to help others achieve their optimum Health naturally by restoring balance, bringing hope and energy back into their life has lead me to create Your Homeopathy. Helping others and giving back to the community has brought meaning and purpose to my life.

Yourhomeopathy.com Patient Testimonials 

Homeopath Sheena has been able to ease seasonal allergies very effectively to the point where I do not need any OTC medicines anymore. I had been suffering for all my life and my work was getting effected negatively. I am glad I was able to find Homeopath Sheena and get the help i need. **

~~Pyush S.

My five year old daughter had been suffering from chronic bronchitis and doctors had given her a pump inhaler for daily use. I was lucky enough to be recommended to Homeopath Sheena by a good friend who was also a patient of her. With her advise and remedies, i saw an improvement in my daughter within a few weeks and her health has improved progressively. **

~~Soni K.

I was suffering from severe chronic migraines for the past few years. No doctor was able to get to the bottom of why I kept having these migraines over and over again. 

I did some searching online and found that Homeopathy can help migraines. I took a shot and called Doctor Sheena about free consultation. I am so glad I called her. She was very professional and has been able to deal with my headaches and much more... **

~~Rahul C.


Dealing with constant pain in my lower back and feeling very tired, smallest of tasks like wearing my shoes had become an ordeal, tried to go to all the doctors got my MRI done including a few zillion other tests and could see nothing wrong. Still i was in pain.... called Homeopath Sheena just out of not leaving any stone un-turned...

I can say that she was most helpful and concerned and has made a huge difference in my life ! Thank you. **

~~Kumar P.

**  DISCLAIMER **  Homeopathy can help, however individual results vary from person to person depending on their specific condition.This website is not intended to provide any medical advice, to diagnose any medical condition or illness, or in any way attempt to practice medicine. This website is not intended to replace personal medical diagnosis or care from a licensed health care practitioner. Taking any actions based on information recommended or suggested on this website must be done at your own risk.  **

The British Institute of Homeopathy USA
Center of Excellence Online
International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

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