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Tried it All ? Still Loosing Hair ? Homeopathy can help ....
Hair loss is not a topical problem which is why all the shampoos and conditioners in the world are not going to restore your hair. 
Diet, the right supplements and Homeopathic remedies can restore your hair without harsh steroids, chemicals, expensive implants and invasive treatments...

What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes hair to fall out resulting in hair loss.

  • alopecia totalis, which is the loss of all hair on the scalp

  • alopecia universalis, which is the loss of all hair on the entire body

  • Alopecia areata (patchy)- coin-sized patches of hair loss on the skin or body. If this condition expands, it may become alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis.

  • Diffuse alopecia areata - - sudden and unexpected thinning of hair all over the scalp, not in just one area or patch.

  • Ophiasis alopecia - a band along the sides and lower back of the scalp is called ophiasis alopecia.

Causes of  Male Pattern Baldness :

Alopecia areata in males is very common these days and main cause can be genetic.

Stress is a common factor in hair loss universally.

Diet and state of general health is always a factor.

Or a serious illness or Fungal infections like Psoriasis and Dermatitis.

Can also be caused by external toxins like harsh shampoos and lots of over use of hair products can be a added issue.

Causes of Female Alopecia Areata :

Hair loss is not a topical problem its caused by lack of proper circulation, contrary to popular belief.

It can be triggered with a pregnancy and is usually after beast feeding.

Thyroid dysfunction Hormonal imbalance is another major contributor.

Hair Products - like hair dyes, gels, hair shampoos, hair sprays etc..

Stress is a common factor in hair loss universally.

Diet and state of general health is always a factor.

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