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Natural COVID 19 immunity|Your Homeopathy

COVID-19 Or Coronavirus is the newest threat and Pandemic.

 Coronavirus disease, COVID-19 can cause colds, influenza-like symptoms and pneumonia. It appears to have the most severe effect on the elderly and people with existing medical conditions – particularly those with respiratory problems.

Homeopathic remedies can be used preventatively along with basic hygiene and immunity building.

However in any case of  exposure to the Coronavirus or having tested positive then proper medical attention and isolation protocols MUST be followed.

There is no scientific trials of Homeopathy or any other treatment for the COVOD-19 currently available. 

Homeopathic Prophylaxis - COVID-19

Homeopathic Remedy for immunity from Coronavirus is currently available.
Homeopathic remedy is preventative and free of side effects.
it must be taken as a precaution along with observing basic hygiene rules such as -
1.  Washing hands regularly and sanitizing them .
2.  cough hygiene should be followed don't share towels, do not  share                     cups and glasses, dispense tissues in the garbage do not leave them lying           around.
3.   Keep All bathroom and Kitchen surfaces sanitized at all times.
4.   Cover your face with a scarf or mask when in closed public  spaces                      like trains and elevators.
5.   Avoid All Unnecessary travel.
6.   Wear gloves when traveling outside and sanitize them daily.
7.   Boost your immune system with Vitamin C and Multi Vitamins
8.    Avoid touching your face .
9.    Avoid any large gatherings at the moment.
10.  Eat well, sleep well and Exercise regularly.
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